Nixxy’s Mash: Tuesday Nights Starting at 9PM EST. Your Hosts, Nixxy & Richie bring you a true Mash of music! Join them for a mix of Roots, Classic Country, Rock & some special surprises thrown in for fun! Lots of laughs and a hell of a good time!




Coley’s Swing Time Variety Hour: Every Other Wendsday at 9pm (EST) 8pm (CST) Coley Coldbeer will be bringing you the best variety of music from the 40’s Big Band/Swing to whatever you can think of in between till now! So get your Martinis all shook up and your cigars lit and stop on by for a swinging good time!





The Hank in Chains Show: Listeners can tune in to expect a music show without prejudice. For 90 minutes every week, Jared Morningstar plays songs from all genres, all eras, and from well-known and independent bands and artists alike. In other words, expect what the name of the show suggests: everything from Hank Williams to Alice in Chains. Tune in at 10 PM EST every Wednesday night for great music!




The Happy Hour: Every Friday night at 9pm (EST) 8pm (CST), The Beej cracks open a PBR and spins the best tunes on the internet. The show is scheduled for two hours but it rarely ends when it’s supposed to. The Beej plays all the best in indie, alt, roots country as well as some punk, and whatever else tickles his fancy. Grab a drink from the fridge and enjoy the best live show known to man.




hellbilly radio

Hellbilly and Outlaw Radio: Plays your favorite Hellbily, Roots, Ameripolitan, Americana and Outlaw Music. You don’t know how long the show will go. So Jump aboard and ride this train into your Saturday nights starting at 8pm(EST) 7pm(CST)






Andrew’s Sunday Funday: Sunday Mornings at 11:30 am est. lots of banter, fun and music to cure your Saturday night hangover!





inky boar


Inky Boar’s Tattooed Radio: Plays a great mix of outlaw country, Dead, punk, and metal music by a wide variety of artists!! Sunday nights at 7pm(EST) 6pm(CST)






tim pop



Tim Pop and the Rebel Rouser Radio: Podcasting legend Tim Pop, whose Tim Pop Live podcast boasts over 300 episodes, “goes country” every Sunday night at 8pm (EST) 7pm (CST), right here on Silent Storm Radio with his Rebel Rouser podcast. The Motor City native acts as Northern Command in the burgeoning country music metropolis that the upper Midwest has become, spinning tunes from some of the best artists in the genre today, mixed in with classic country music.